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Awaken Your Innate Healing Powers


Meet Shi

Shi is a Mind-Body Transformation Coach, an Ayurvedic Pracitioner, a licensed Tantra/Hatha yoga instructor, and an Air Force Veteran who served Operation Iraqi Freedom. Shi guides people in awakening the innate healer within using powers of the mind, and through the understanding of the subtle energies in our food, thoughts, and actions. Through this understanding and teaching, Shi takes her clients through a journey of healing, facilitating a grand awakening as they cleanse and reprogram their mind-body-spirit system, bringing optimal health, balance and inner peace into their life experience.



BlooLotus Specializations

Sessions are unique, and tailored to an individuals needs based on where they are currently in their journey.


Depression & PTSD

Poor Focus/Memory

Stress & Tension

Back Pain

Digestion: Physical & Emotional

  • A moment to connect and determine if services fit your needs.

    45 min


"You could easily follow her instruction with eyes closed and she had a very calming and healing presence. I would highly recommend her for any yoga, healing or therapeutic purpose"

Kaleigh W.


"Letting go is the hardest asana"