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Healing from the depths

Goddess yoga pose

Tashira Mone' (aka Shi)

I'm not big on titles and check boxes. I believe and practice the art of intuition, and aim to lead a heart led life to the best of my ability. This kind of living causes you to see things as they are vs as they are told. A lot of us are at the point of unraveling and undoing! Of lifting the Veil! Undoing what? All of the stories, the programmings, false beliefs, and mis perceptions. This means building from the bottom up, sowing new seeds for new roots. Our words even have roots. I believe in the power of seeing from the root, the power of sound & it’s vibration, and the power of intention behind everything!


I've had the realization that the mind is more misleading than helpful, and since this self discovery of my truth, I have been living a life led by intuition, making decisions with intuition, and using the mind to make certain calculations regarding these decisions VS to make THE DECISION! This method has proven to serve me well and I believe it’ll serve you well too. We say so many things without mindfulness and label so many things not realizing how it effects perception of the actual thing, of the reality or Nature of a thing. So titles are not my favorite, I can understand how it helps your brain paint a picture, however considering what I know about the mind, I encourage my visitors to visit with an open mind and no desire to paint a picture with the mind, but one with the heart. In this way, you can lead with your intuition!


Check out what I do, vs searching for approved and "professional" titles. I have ridded myself of those as I've embarked on my own healing journey. Rest in YOUR own intuitive knowing that my path and the titles I have embodied along the way play a key role in bringing me to the here and now and with my current skills, knowledge and abilities. Trust your gut!


What I DO is assist & guide the species of the Human (Homo Sapien) type seeking WHOListic healing and spiritual guidance using the powers of the mind, secrets of the body, powers of vibration, & Vedic practices. Through these understandings and one on one guidance through it's practices, I take my clients on a journey of physical, mental and pyscho-spiritual healing. This journey is more than just healing and often described as a grand awakening, a coming into knowing. I am not healing anyone, I am waking you up to your innate abilities and powers to heal yourself, and walk in your true path, helping you to rid yourself of whatever is blocking you, to create harmony...good health...clarity...purpose...and anything else you DESIRE to experience!


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Every season we design and highlight a unique and customized service package for the current season! The philosophy of Ayurveda is based 100% on living in tune & rhythm with Nature! Most of our discomforts, ailments and afflictions are due to our disconnect from Nature, and the remedy lies in our ability to align ourselves with Nature's rhythms while learning about our own Nature's rhythms.