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Yoga nidra Meditation coach

Healing from the depths

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BlooLotus Specializations

Sessions are unique, and tailored to an individual's needs based on where you are currently in your journey.




Brainwave Repatterning

Stress & Tension

Nervous System Regulation

Back & Joint Pain

Digestion: Physical & Emotional

Rejevenation & Deep Rest




Every month

Online Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching

Valid until canceled

10% OFF

4- 60 minute sessions/month

1:1 Guided meditation & mindfulness coaching only

Explore modern techniques and guidance


"I was just coming off of a clinical trial for depression and knew I didn't want to stay on otc medications! I sat down to figure something else out and I found BlooLotus business page on Facebook. As soon as I liked the page, Shi reached out with an introduction. The connection is natural and her approach is personable. She offered what has been the best remedy for my issues, her expertise, counseling, and yoga have given me the best foundation to a whole new lifestyle and future! Shi holds you accountable without guilt, shows compassion and follows through! I will always return, she is my go to Guru!"

Johari J.

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