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Autumn Ayurvedic Tips & Wellness

I'll say it again "The quality of this next season in your life depends heavily upon your ability to release and eliminate accumulated stress and tension in the mind and body".


Because the effects of seasonal variation can cause the mind and body to go out of balance! This is why we often fall ill with cold & flu around this time and is also the reason for seasonal depression or increased anxiety around this time of year!

Living in rhythm is about paying attention and responding to the changing qualities of the season! The ebb and flow! In doing this, one can avoid or prevent mental and physical problems caused by the drastic changes of the season (and of life in general)!

Autumn is an especially important time to care for the nervous system and prioritize slowing down to support this transition from an active Summer to a restful and introspective Winter. A daily routine becomes very valuable during this transition to calm the inner chaos!

Fall routines would be to include foods and practices that are warming, grounding, and stabilizing! Read on to see Ayurvedic recommendations and join the app for more focused recommendations and tips for seasonal wellness. On the app, I include delicious and nutritious ayurvedic recipes for each season plus how-to's on yogic practices that assist the mind and body in this release + manage anxiety and depression!

Ayurvedic Wellness Tips


Food: Oily, warm and well-cooked meals! This is not the time for raw foods as that will further create an imbalance in the mind and body! Good food choices are:

  • Whole grains

  • Lentils

  • Root veggies

  • Cooked greens

  • Stewed/Sauteed fruits

  • Warming spices (I include DIY spice mix recipes for each season in the app in announcements)

  • Healthy oils (Ghee, sesame oil, mustard oil. Minimze coconut oil in late fall)

Stick to a consistent meal routine (if you often skip meals, this is your warning, try to eat around the same time daily).

Try to eat with minimal distractions, such as eating while talking or watching TV. Eat in silence, eat mindfully, be with your food, savor every bite, and cultivate gratitude for the cultivation process of your food!

Check the announcements on the app for our Autumn grocery list and recipes!

Breath: Grounding and calming breathwork is extremely effective at soothing anxiety and supporting the nervous system:

  • Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing)

  • Sama Vritti

Movement: Warming, stabilizing, and engaging movement with directed focus, shorter holds, and some repetition. Standing poses, hip openers, balancing poses, and longer-than-normal savasana in a warm and cozy environment will do the trick!

Meditation: Mantra repetition to focus the mind, candle gazing or restorative yoga nidra!

You can book a private remote yoga nidra session below! The benefit to this is the session is tailored to your specific needs and intentions!


2. Listen to my Fall Yoga Nidra Meditation "The Season Of Letting Shit Go" as often as needed and as often as possible! The meditation starts at the 18:00 mark! 😉


Food: Raw, bitter and astringent foods, cold smoothies, and iced drinks (ditch the iced coffee)! Minimize dried fruits and nuts (eat fresh stewed fruits and roasted nuts vs. raw), crackers, chips, and other dry snacking foods, caffeine (+ other nervous system stimulants), and long periods of fasting or erratic eating!

For those of you who are freaking out because you may be addicted to one or more of the above-mentioned, chill! Notice I said minimize, not eliminate! It's about moderation!

Breath: For those who practice breathwork, minimize cooling breath practices, and fast or sharp breathing exercises! This ain't the time!

Movement: Minimize rushing, fast movement, excessive cold/wind exposure, loud music, or hyperstimulating environments, and exercise beyond 50-70% of your capacity!

Don't forget to check us out on the app for specific food recommendations, tips, and recipes! Those will be posted in the announcements! There you will find tips pertaining to each sensory organ (since your senses influence your nervous system and vice versa), a Fall grocery list to make things a little easier, recipes for meals, spice mixes and teas plus recommended herbs!

For guided and individualized help with your health & wellness this season, it is not too late to take advantage of our 40% off Ayurvedic Consultations & Herbs Package!

Just use promo code: Fall40 at checkout! This offer expires 9/30 so don't wait and act fast! After booking you can schedule your consultations on any date, there is no expiration on when to book, so secure your consultation at this great deal now!

Gratitude & Blessings,


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