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It's time to show up!

It's all in the title....and for those of you who don't quite know me or follow me or any other social media platforms, my messages come from my own experiences and realizations meaning what I say to you I say to me as well!

With that being said, it's time to damn show up! It's time to put the excuses to rest...the reason why you haven't done that thing, or started that idea or project, or remained consistent with that thing! For me, it's time to start this blog. It's time to start the podcast. It's time to just damn show up and realize those excuses aren't actually real! They are false realities we create in our minds to keep us where we are. It's not that we actually WANT to stay where we are, it's just that where we are is what we know and what we know is comfortable....where we want to go is unknown and the unknown can be uncomfortable! LIKE ALOT! But just think back to when you first started that job, or moved to that place or anything new. Even then, it was scary, unknown and uncomfortable...there was an adjustment period! look at you! What was uncomfortable then is so comfortable now you are afraid to leave it....or change it in any way. It's the same moving forward. I say that to say or to remind you, that you have done it before and you can do it again and that if you don' will forever nudge at you and tug at you and create anxiety and worry and stress. That is the byproduct of not living in alignment, through our purpose....not living authentically. From that resistance, the perfect medium for illness and disease begins to manifest!

I've been thinking about starting this blog for tooooo long! And I have had every excuse known to man as to why I couldn't just start the same day I thought about it! There is no fucking this up! It's my blog, my mind, my message, so what is this false perception that I am not ready or fit or able to launch an awesome blog? Who told me that? No one, I told me that! There is nothing that has proven that to be the case, it's just stuff I made up, and we do this all the time when contemplating and dragging feet on initiating an action that will take us down a new path! It's ok! I'm here to tell you it's ok as long as you recognize that and do something about it! What is not ok, is holding on to limitations and feeding resistance! How do you know if you are? You know if you hear the same voice with the same story every day about a particular thing. Ex "Oh I need/want to....but....." and then you don't, so every day or so it's the same mental statement, the same story! It's time to change your story! Embrace the unknown and walk fearlessly into the dark! You are the light and what you are holding back, other people can't wait for you to release! You are needed, your gifts are needed, your message, your story, we all need it!

And if that speech doesn't do it for you, then there is selfish of you to hold back! You don't know who you could be helping by being authentically you, who you are influencing, and to hold back for the sake of your comfort is selfish...there! Notice what I did right? Yea....this whole thing is all about mind chess, you have to be wiser than your own ego mind and sometimes that means tricking it into doing what you need it to do. Sometimes you have to minimize the perception of a threat! More on that later! For now, I just ask that you become a member, and tune in to my blog and MOST DEF make comments and engage. I wanna hear what you guys have to say! Is there a story you tell yourself that's keeping you from from showing up and doing that thing or starting that thing? If so, share it in the comments!


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  • And last but not least, I've launched my online Yoga studio! Weekly I'll be doing live Yoga, and Yoga Nidra and members will have access to my online Yoga library where videos are added weekly! Members will also have access to upcoming challenges. Join here!

That's all for now! Considering this is my "just do it and show up" action, I came with no plan, no real topic (in my mind), just wanted to START! See you guys on the other side!

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