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The Season Of Letting Shit Go!

With Summer coming to an end (honestly, thank God 🥵), I'd like to take a moment to talk about the upcoming Fall 🍁 season! Almost everyone's favorite season for various reasons, fall threads (clothing), fall scents (pumpkin 🎃 spice), fall holidays, fall scenery, and really we could go on!

But today I'm here to shine some needed light on another great energy Fall brings in addition to its smells, tastes, and feels. Fall season is as satisfying to the soul as it is to the senses, and by the end of this read, you will agree!

You will hear me say over and over, and as discussed in detail in my last blog post, Ayurvedic philosophy is all about living in rhythm with Nature as a way to honor and live in alignment with YOUR Nature and live life in a Dharmic kind of way, mindful and with purpose vs feeling confused, defeated and uncomfortable. It is the synching of OUR Nature with that of Nature' which invites health, contentment, joy, ease, flow, and bliss into our human experience.

The reason most of us feel so far from our desired experience or our authentic and true selves is because along our journeys we have gathered, stored, and accumulated a lot of mental and emotional baggage leaving us with the weight of our past experiences. So much baggage, that at times you may feel you aren't sure who you are, where you are going, how to get there, why you are here, why you feel certain ways, what you believe, or what you REALLY want in this life at this point! These feelings of confusion, self-doubt, indecisiveness, anxiety, worry, and fear are expressions of accumulation in the mind, having not processed and properly translated or used information from past impressions (baggage) and is causing blockages and obstruction in the mind.

From there, those emotional energetic blockages spread from the mind to the body via sickness, illness, discomfort, and disease.

The journey continues if these issues remain unaddressed or improperly addressed, and the junk (at this point you must understand "junk" refers to the energy residue left behind from undigested experiences that caused the above-mentioned mind states) continues to spread into the subtle channels of the energetic body, causing blockages in those channels which then begin to manifest as imbalance and illness on a psychospiritual level. From this stage, healing MUST be holistic and include management of illness through karma therapy in addition to spiritual/lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, and nutrition guidance according to one's Dosha (Nature- Mind/Body type) AND the Nature of the illness (which has it's own Dosha).

Protocol in Ayurvedic healing involves many things and is tailored to the individual's Nature, the Nature of their ailments, as well as the season we are in, and the season of life the individual is in. However, the very first step to any protocol no matter the level of intensity, and severity, no matter the Nature, is to REMOVE what is causing all the troubles and imbalances FIRST before introducing anything new to add. First, we make space. Always. No one likes being constipated, so release in the mind the way you need to release in the bowels. Let it go!

The only way to to let release the attachment, addiction, belief of needing the thing that is causing you harm, and discomfort. Sometimes these things are obvious and sometimes they aren't, which is why it really pays to have professional guidance and assistance or coaching if possible.

Some of the things that are contributing to our problems are things that were once healing or maintaining balance at one point and because we couldn't recognize the season, the right time, to release those things and shift into the next season of creation and manifestation, they accumulated and transformed from being healing to toxic or poison. Remember it's about balance, not too much or too little of any particular thing.

This is why it is important to understand Nature and Seasons both within and without because as above my friends, so below. You must let go of things, to create and manifest new things and this is the pathway to growth AND healing! Holding on, and letting it all accumulate will slow you down, make you feel heavy (which breeds depression), or overwhelmed and anxious. This makes creating a life of deep joy, contentment, and good health seem impossible and out of reach because you refuse to make space, to make room to release, to really break down and let the healing begin!!

Lucky 🍁 you though! 'TIS THE SEASON! We are entering the season of FALL, the season of LETTING GO, and RELEASING! What a joy! What a joy to even just think about, I'm sure something came to mind as you scanned the words "LET GO", "RELEASE", and maybe even "FALL" because to let go is sometimes to fall 🍂, isn't it? (👈🏼 Contemplation cue)........

Something came to mind, maybe your mind produced a picture as you read those words, or maybe a feeling was produced or a sensation somewhere in your body, whatever It was, hold on to that as you continue to read!

This is the season to release, and make space for a new literally, this is the time in Nature to harvest last season's crop, tend to the soil, build its nutrients back up, and plant new seeds! So if this is what it's time to do in Nature (for our food and survival) then doesn't it make sense to be doing the same? So let's break that above statement down!!!

  • "Harvest last season's crop"- is to remove the product of what you manifested from last season's intentions, actions, and experiences. This could be a mindset, personal stories, beliefs around a specific thing (including yourself), un-serving thought patterns, a job, a person, a city, a state, you get the point. This is step 1: Releasing, Removing, Letting Go

  • "Tend to the soil, build its nutrients back up" - is to tend to the mind after removing all the accumulation from last season(s). The conscious mind won't be fit to produce anything of high quality right after removing last season's junk because it has been altered and programmed to feed the junk and produce more of it. As a result, the subconscious mind (the soil) becomes malnourished from not receiving nourishing food (thoughts) from the conscious mind (positive emotions, love, gratitude, spiritual devotion, uplifting relationships, etc) so we must build back up the nutrients (Prana - Life Force, Vital Energy, Source Energy) to make it a suitable environment for new seeds and a new healthy crop (seeds of intention)!

  • "Plant new seeds" - I think you get it at this point, SEEDS OF INTENTION! You have cleaned house (removed the old), laid a fresh new strong foundation (added nutrients), and are ready to invite new things into your space (manifest desires, create better life experiences, embark on a new journey of realization and healing, etc).

Let this be the energy behind everything you do this month as a way of honoring the season and surrendering to the forces of Nature.

Whatever has been weighing you down....this is the optimal time and season to address that and let it go 🍂, to move on.

As I am preparing for my Fall garden crop, I contemplate this philosophy, I see it in everything I do. Last season's crop is still in the ground currently, and I know it's soon time to let go of that. It is time to release any attachment to the efforts I put into that crop over the Summer, even the crops that didn't produce how I intended or wanted, to let go of those efforts AND unwanted results without judging myself, to consume and enjoy the good produce harvested as a way of celebrating my efforts as well! You see?

And as I engage in those rituals of non-judgment and celebration, I am also gathering everything I will need to build my soil back up, and I am focusing my mind on what I want to plant next, gathering what is needed to nurture each seed properly and TIMELY, as well as allowing playful curiosity to drive the experience - "I wonder what will come of this." I am focused on the fact that with what I learned from the previous season, both failures and successes, I can apply to this season's crop and produce even better and even more! You see?

So I invite you to join me...join me this season in releasing, letting go, celebrating, reflecting and building anew!!! This is your what's next to create?! (👈🏼 Contemplation cue)...

HOW to join me:

  1. JOIN THE APP! So much is going down on here this season!

  2. Tune in to my podcast "From Within"

  3. Join us LIVE every morning from 9.19-9.23 for Fall 'Let Shit Go' yoga, breath work and meditation flow.

I invite you to take a dive with me, taking this intention this season one step further, and listen to my yoga nidra meditation "The Season Of Letting Shit Go" where you will be guided compassionately into finding YOUR specific Fall intention and then guided into deep relaxation for deep planting of that seed! The hyperlink above should take you right to the starting point (18:15). Just be sure you are listening when sitting down or lying down and be undisturbed to take full advantage of the session! Get a taste of the deeply relaxed states Yoga Nidra can offer you. Make sure to follow my podcast on whatever platform you are listening on so you won't miss any upcoming Yoga Nidra sessions.

If you are looking to take things a step further and embark on your Fall journey holistically, consider the Fall Equinox Cleanse and Rejuvenation package - a customized and tailored cleansing and rejuvenating experience. Just click here to see what services are included, what you get, and set up a free consultation to determine if it's a good fit. Act timely and receive 40% off the Fall Ayurvedic package!

Happy falling 🍂 into your joyful creations



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Bella Rose
Bella Rose

Love this and needed it so much right now thank you.

Bella Rose
Bella Rose

Will do you know I'm an herbalist now. Can't wait.

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