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What Yoga Nidra Is For Me!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

It's because of my love for this practice that I have chosen to highlight it in my life AND my business! I feel like I could learn and practice Yoga Nidra FOR LIFE! And there are so many reasons for this! But I'm here to share what Yoga Nidra means for me, to you! Take a few minutes to read, and maybe even experience it for yourself! You never know, you might LOVE it!!!

Mastering the opposites in a dual reality!

Yoga Nidra is the practice of combining the MOST profound relaxation with the HIGHEST level of awareness (attention).

Imagine learning this art of mastery and applying it to the dualistic nature of everyday life, of the Universe! Imagine the power this would instill in a person who puts effort into practicing their mastery. You do know that you are a being who operates off of installed programs via your culture, upbringing, beliefs, practices, entertainment, environment, traditions, etc right? Most of what you think you believe, know, like, or prefer is something you were taught (at the very root) in some way, both indirectly and directly (hope that makes sense). And although most of these programs were installed without your knowing or permission, you ALSO have the ability to decide what programs you would like to install and EVEN the ones you want to uninstall! Jus sayin, you got that power!

So back to mastering the opposites. I mean wow! How much of your struggle would be a cakewalk if you mastered maneuvering through and manipulating the shadows, the darker, or unconscious moments, of your life the same way you do its opposite. We should make it a point to learn and understand the workings of our whole being, of all the parts that make us up, which includes the darker side, the side we label broken or in need of healing! I mean for healing purposes alone, you can’t heal something you don’t understand. To solve a problem you have to understand the problem deeply, study and investigate it. And the solution comes with little effort. This is the same with you and your healing journey. But right now you are attached to the mental and emotional impressions left by your traumas and experiences, which have created your current “problems(s)” OR are the culprit of your afflictions.

Some of you may know this already, and some of you may not. Some of you may not have made the connection yet, that afflictions are just a PHYSICAL expression or manifestation of unhealthy mental impressions. SO yea, now it’s your job to dig, dig deep, investigate, but more importantly OBSERVE!!!!

And Yoga Nidra is how you can do that!

It’s one of many pathways to awakening, psychospiritual healing, and therapy. Once discovered. It’s yours. And no one can take it away from you and no life circumstance can take it away from you! Mastering duality, at this point, may be exactly what you need to heal, propel forward and get the fuck out of your own way.

“Yoga Nidra calls for joining the peace of deep sleep with total awareness of wakefulness”.

Combining the opposites. Counterbalancing the opposities. During this experience, one can explore and investigate the nature and qualities of these different states (deep sleep and wakefulness), while becoming aware of the “I” or “me” who behaves like he/she owns them (the different states of being). By exploring who you really are in this whole game, your sense of self will significantly expand into something that feels infinite. Here in this state and at this level Of awareness, you are not limited to just what is here on earth or your earthly body and its formations of physical problems. You start to realize your role in all of this and then you come into your power in all this. You realize you are more than form, more than matter, more than the physical body, more than your thoughts, your awareness rises above these things. This is called TRANSCENDENCE.

It’s a unique way to tackle traumas, to explore them without attachment, observe them with total awareness, without judgment, without fear, and heal... It requires courage honestly. If you have been hiding from your traumas or avoiding them or better yet you avoid your triggers (I use to do that, I actually lived like that), I suggest trying something new, something opposite. Avoiding triggers and creating a big thick wall around you is helpful for a short time, it creates a safe space to heal and morph, but handicapping after a some point you gotta jump, to fly! Like any and everything, moderation. Exposing yourself to your triggers is dangerous sure, but healing and powerful if done from the witness vs the one experiencing!

So if that’s you, if you avoid your triggers or can’t manage your triggers, or even if you don’t know what's holding you back, it may be an accumulation of traumas, and it’s blocking you, creating anxiety, creating tension, creating stress, worry, fear, then Yoga Nidra is seriously a practice I recommend you explore.

The great thing about Yoga Nidra is the safety, comfort, and stability that is established before any practice. Yoga Nidra is healing in a safe space. Because it’s vital to come into the deepest state of relaxation, finding comfort and stillness is the priority and the main goal in Yoga Nidra. Even if that’s all you accomplish, THATS EVERYTHING! Mission accomplished. Everything else, all the spiritual, emotional, and mental healing is a byproduct of simply practicing an ancient meditation practice, even if just to help relax or with insomnia or anxiety. Because we are coming into such a deep state of relaxation, the ANS can slow down, relieve itself from the constant overuse of fight or flight and enter into healing mode, which it was designed to do WHEN NOT UNDER STRESS! If you’ve been operating mostly in survival (again most of us), you need to explore this practice and consistently.

Once the body is finally allowed to enter self-heal mode, Yoga Nidra is known to reverse or manage some of the conditions we label "chronic disease", it is only chronic because you are chronically exposing yourself to the cause. Stress is a culprit to most diseases, we all know that part right? So if that’s the case, should we not focus on removing this weed we call stress? Or at least stunting its growth, decreasing its manifestation. You’re thinking too much! Period! It’s gotta slow down. Way down. Please get out of the way.

Your mind-body system is very intelligent, much more intelligent than the thinking mind you have developed through various programmings and institutions. You are doing yourself a disservice by continuing to live in a state of stress, illness, and dis-ease, it is a disgrace to a race as intelligent as ours. Our suffering is self-inflicted. Our disease is self-inflicted. Lack of knowledge is self-inflicted. Laziness is self-inflicted. Making less than best choices knowing it’ll harm you or your health in some way. Self-inflicted. Not doing what you know you should and doing what you know you shouldn’t. Self-inflicted. Yoga Nidra is your mirror, and through the observation from the other side, your answers, and your medicine will be revealed to you! Your body and your mind will come into alignment, and what once seemed like a bad luck mystery will become crystal clear and you will realize...all this's all been YOU!

Cheers to taking our power back, to waking up to not just discovering who we are not, but creating who we are!

We are BECOMING! Can't you feel it? Ok, so I def didn't highlight this awesome practice to just leave you in contemplation and curiosity about it!

I want you to EXPERIENCE it for yourself! Check out my most recent Yoga Nidra and Theta Wave Meditation! Make sure you have a little time to yourself undisturbed, some headphones, and get ready to take a trip! I'll see you on the other side✌🏽👽 !

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