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BlooLotus Healing

Find Harmony and balance through the healing powers of the mind!


Learn how to safely and naturally manage anxiety, high stress, depression & PTSD using a holistic approach!

Cultivate and maintain a healthy Mind-Body space!


BlooLotus Healing programs are for you if...

You are in need of...

  • Emotional healing from past experiences

  • Life balance and peace of mind

  • Help on how to start and where to begin in your healing journey

  • Help improving overall health and quality of life along the way

You have been struggling with...

  • The art of letting go (old stories and habits)

  • Managing stress & maintaining health during stressful times

  • Arranging your lifestyle to allow space for healing

  • Insomnia

  • Coping with anxiety

  • Poor focus & concentration

  • Self-sabotaging patterns

Tired of feeling...

  • Overwhelmed, stressed & worried

  • Scattered with racing thoughts

  • Blocked from experiencing the joy's of everyday life

  • Mental fatigue & fog

  • Overly attached to outcome

  • Consumed in negative self talk

You are ready to...

  • Restored & energized

  • Deeper confidence & grounded in faith

  • Feel free of worry, tension &fear

  • Experience clarity &calm in all situations

  • Welcome your great awakening

  • Be unfuckwithable

  • Manifest your deepest deisires through the power of your mind

What you can expect to experience...

Mind-Body Transformation

  • Walk away having the tools to manage and cope with the humors and fluctuations of the mind and emotions, life stressors and triggers.

  • A developed understanding of the Nature of Self and the subconscious mind

  • How to maintain a healthy mind-body space

  • How to eat and live for your unique makeup

  • Long term, natural, holistic and effective solutions for managing anxiety, depression and PTSD

  • Improved overall physical health and a peace of mind

  • How to remain grounded to receive clarity in one's life, purpose and direction

  • Better sleep, increased joy and focus so that you can continue to create

BlooLotus Healing Programs

Each program represents stages of your spiritual healing and evolution, where you are in your realization and readiness. Whether you are just planting the seed of intention and in a state of contemplation or in full realization of your healing needs ready to take full action, BlooLotus programs are designed for each stage...each individual.  A common saying in Yoga is “start where you are”, and we are all starting at different stages, with different needs and goals. Programs are designed to fit the needs and address goals at various stages in one’s journey towards optimal health and spiritual advancement.

90 Day Journey

Good for those needing a slower pace and more time!


What’s included:


- Weekly yoga therapy sessions which include breath-work, guided meditations, & sound healing


- 2 Ayurvedic counseling sessions w/tailored healing plan (your life as a whole is addressed)


-1 Ayurvedic seasonal cleanse x 7 days (supplies included) + post cleanse rejuvenation counseling


- 3 Ayurvedic wellness boxes (goal/problem focused) sent monthly


-1 x month Yoga Nidra





-Marco Polo coaching and support + weekly check ins and accountability + end of week reflections


-Access to online yoga video library

6 Week Intensive

Good for those needing and wanting more, in less time and able to fully commit and immerse in their healing journey!

What's included:


- 2/week yoga therapy sessions which include breath-work, guided meditations, & sound healing

- 2 Ayurvedic counseling sessions w/tailored health plan (addressing whole person and life)

-1 Ayurvedic seasonal cleanse x 7 days (supplies included) + post cleanse rejuvenation counseling

- 1 Large Ayurvedic wellness box for your Dosha


- Bi-weekly Yoga Nidra therapy





- Marco Polo coaching and support + daily check in/accountability

- Access to online yoga video library-updated weekly

- Mantra/Yantra work

- Extended Sound Healing + Deep Dive meditation

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