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BlooLotus Healing

Find harmony and balance through the healing powers of the mind!


Learn how to safely and naturally manage anxiety, high stress, depression & PTSD using a holistic approach!

Cultivate and maintain a healthy Mind-Body space!


BlooLotus Healing programs are for you if...


You are in need of...

  • Emotional healing from past experiences

  • Life balance and peace of mind

  • Help on how to start and where to begin in your healing journey

  • Help improving overall health and quality of life along the way


You have been struggling with...

  • The art of letting go (old stories and habits)

  • Managing stress & maintaining health during stressful times

  • Arranging your lifestyle to allow space for healing

  • Insomnia

  • Coping with anxiety

  • Poor focus & concentration

  • Self-sabotaging patterns


Tired of feeling...

  • Overwhelmed, stressed & worried

  • Scattered with racing thoughts

  • Blocked from experiencing the joy's of everyday life

  • Mental fatigue & fog

  • Overly attached to outcome

  • Consumed in negative self talk


You are ready to...

  • Restored & energized

  • Deeper confidence & grounded in faith

  • Feel free of worry, tension &fear

  • Experience clarity &calm in all situations

  • Welcome your great awakening

  • Be unfuckwithable

  • Manifest your deepest deisires through the power of your mind

What you can expect to experience...

Mind-Body Transformation

  • Walk away having the tools to manage and cope with the humors and fluctuations of the mind and emotions, life stressors and triggers.

  • A developed understanding of the Nature of Self and the subconscious mind

  • How to maintain a healthy mind-body space

  • How to eat and live for your unique makeup

  • Long term, natural, holistic and effective solutions for managing anxiety, depression and PTSD

  • Improved overall physical health and a peace of mind

  • How to remain grounded to receive clarity in one's life, purpose and direction

  • Better sleep, increased joy and focus so that you can continue to create

How It Works

BlooLotus healing programs use various eastern tools in assisting health seekers to reaching optimal health and spiritual advancement such as:

  • Ayurvedic Guidance- Ancient holistic healing which helps one identify where disease and imbalance is present, how it shows up and what triggers it. Based on an individuals Dosha (mind-body type) we work together to stop feeding the triggers, and start feeding the innate healer through changes and management of lifestyle, surroundings, diet, activities and the mental state. It's all about selecting the right ingredients and combinations to feed the healer within based on which elements support the individuals mind-body type. Ayurveda keeps the body and mind in good health for a sustainable and successful Yoga practice. Treatment can include mantra chanting, stones, breath-work, offerings for diseases linked to past lives/karma, nutrition counseling, mind (Vedic) counseling, herbal formulations and more.

  • Holistic Yoga- Our healing programs are designed around the 8 limbs of Yoga which were designed to assist the health seeker and spiritual aspirant along a logical pathway that leads to the attainment of physical, ethical, emotional and pyscho-spiritual health. Yoga therapy is a 1-1 structured service that represents the process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and well-being through the application and philosophy of Yoga. Yoga provides union of the mind and body, and assists in the ability to translate impressions from the senses (sensory input info) into renewable energy for the body and mind. BlooLotus incorporates Hatha Yoga which is a style of Yoga known to prep the mind and body for higher states of consciousness through purification, self control and discipline which is key to successful meditation, transformation and transcendence. Yoga therapy is a multidimensional system which includes all aspects of the body, breath, mind, intellect, senses, emotions and their mutual interaction. Yoga is a pathway towards transcendence and transformation.

  • Yoga Nidra- Yoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation technique, an ancestral practice, that stems from Indian traditions and philosophies grounded in Hinduism, Buddhism and Tantrism. This technique uses the body, breath and awareness of each to allow you to drop into a deep state of relaxed awareness. It's a form of awakening while asleep. Yoga Nidra facilitates awakened clarity and deep relaxation and with a consistent practice can help one transcend self created perceptions and limitations, heal psychological wounds, reduce stress, improve sleep, connect to one's inner wisdom which transcends any lineage or guru, develop a fearless relationship with the unknown, get a taste of samadhi (the state of absorption & union with pure consciousness often experienced in meditation) and learn how to enter that state at will, induce rapid manifestation, and promote healing within the nervous system. Trying to break a bad habit or start a new one? Yoga Nidra is the ideal practice and allows one to remove negative subconscious thought patterns and replace with positive auto suggestions to obtain any goal once wishes to achieve.




Choose your path below and click the button for your free consultation to determine if it's a right fit for you!

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Spring Renewal
Wellness Cleanse & Detox
28 Days


A seasonal package designed to help you create space in your life for rebirth & metamorphosis. Spring is the time for cleansing stagnant energy & old ways of thinking/behaviors to make space for change, and growth in your human & spiritual journey. This package helps to rid the body and mind of excess and heaviness, cleanse accumulated toxins from the previous season, make space in the body and mind to begin a new and evolved self care routine. Spring is full of fresh energy & momentum..the perfect time to start something new!


What's included:


- 1/week Hatha Yoga Nidra + SOUND therapy sessions 120 minutes 

- Customized Spring health & wellness consultation + healing plan. These plans focus on management of mental & physical health and include seasonal eating, recipes, Spring practices and routines to manage health through the season.

- Guided Spring Cleanse (lite version-perfect for beginners)

- Customized Spring Renewal herbal box: herbs and supplies for gentle cleanse and sensory fasting




- Weekly coaching and support +  check in/accountability

- Free access to our online yoga and meditation studio during your program

private yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy Deep Healing 
90 Days


A perfect way to start a new path, a new journey to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing & wellbeing while enjoying all the services we have to offer!


What’s included:


- 2/Week Yoga Therapy sessions 60 minutes (includes breath-work, guided meditations, & sound massage)


- 2 Ayurvedic wellness counseling sessions w/tailored healing plan (based on your present imbalances)


-7 day Ayurvedic cleanse + post cleanse rejuvenation counseling (supplies included)


- 2 Ayurvedic wellness boxes- 30 day supply on all herbs (goal/problem focused) 


-2 x month Yoga Nidra + SOUND therapy sessions 60 minutes









-Marco Polo coaching and support + weekly check ins and accountability + end of week reflections


-1 free refill on all health maintenance herbs

Sound therapy is based on the knowledge that music and sound can harness our emotions. A s

Sound Therapy Intensive
6 weeks


Good for those who want to reap the health benefits of meditation but have trouble learning to meditate. Focus on deep mental healing & subconscious mind reprogramming - Brainwave repatterning! Allow frequency & vibration to promote release of physical tension, energetic knots & promote healing deep within the tissues & layers of the mind. 

What's included:


- 2/week Vedic Nidra meditation + SOUND therapy 90 minutes

- 1 Ayurvedic mental health & wellness counseling session w/tailored healing plan based on your mental constitution

- 6 Nidra meditation audios for daily practice between in person sessions (progressing weekly)

- 1 curated Nidra meditation starter kit (based on your mental constitution)








- Daily Marco Polo coaching and support + daily check in/accountability

- Unlimited access to my 6 week self guided Nidra meditation course

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