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Astral Tea 2oz

Astral Tea 2oz

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Nervous system soothing, Focus, Chill Pill Tonic.

A magical medicinal blend for lucid dreaming, mental health, nervous system support, and management of the etheric and astral bodies.


  • A blend of herbs for nervous system calming, soothing and toning + focus  and concentration when taken during the day.
  • Taken at night, this blend assists with insomnia, increases lucid dreaming and astral travel for the explorers, and assists with dream recall.
  • This is an ideal daily supplement for those dealing with depression, restlessness, anxiety, worry, an overstimulated nervous system, and all issues nerve and mind-related, which are expressions of issues within the astral and etheric bodies. 
  • Herbs in this blend fall under the category of "nervines" in the world of herbology and natural medicine.


Some cool side effects:

  • Natural high (you can also smoke this blend, roll it up and try)
  • Calmness, unbothered
  • Productivity
  • Good sleep


To make:  Add 1-2 tsp per 1 cup of boiling water, turn off heat and steep for -10m (the longer, the stronger, go for it). May sweeten with honey when tea is no longer piping hot or coconut sugar (honey becomes a toxin once cooked or heated to high temps, fyi).  

Cool additions: Take with Astral tincture for enhanced effcts. 

Do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding.