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Mindful Eating: Food Pairing in Ayurveda

You are what you digest!

In Ayurveda, food is medicine and the root of dis-ease and illness both mental and physical is digestion! Digestion is a process, whether we are talking about mental digestion, emotional digestion, or digestion of food. The idea is whatever we take into the body (food, impressions, etc), has to go through a process of digestion, of breaking down, so that the energy or the elements of that food, or that sensory impression, can be used to nourish and build tissues and organs. When this process isn't happening correctly, we invite disease by way of weak tissues and organs due to the qualities of the food we are eating, and the health of our digestive system (affected by what we eat, and stress).

Ayurveda clearly defines certain diets and food combinations that interrupt the metabolism of tissue and inhibit or alter the process of tissue formation. It's not just about "eating healthy", but eating mindfully. That means, eating in season, eating for your mind/body type, eating in the right quantity at, time of day, and pairing foods together properly.

There is a concept in Ayurveda called "Virudhahara" which translates into "incompatible diet". This is defined as food that is:

  1. Consumed in the wrong combination (what we will be discussing today)

  2. Undergone wrong processing

  3. Consumed in improper quantities

  4. Consumed in improper time and order

Being aware of these 4 rules for eating can make the world of difference in your mental and physical health. I can promise you, that if you plan to make some of the small changes mentioned below, you will most definitely notice a difference in your body, you will FEEL it for sure. You don't always have to go to the extreme to find balanced eating and living, sometimes those simple and small changes are enough, or at least a great place to start if adopting a new way of eating is a bit overwhelming for you! I will say, that healthy eating is not convenient eating. No matter what route you take in your healthy eating journey, you will have to loosen the grip on convenience, and meal prep and learn to love cooking your meals. Sorry! But meal prepping on this side is considered self-care and part of self-care routines!

In Ayurveda, food is medicine when consumed in accordance with Nature, but can easily become toxic if consumed or processed improperly. Virudhahara, an incompatible diet, produces toxins in the body, whereas mindful and balanced eating produces harmony in the body, balance. When the body is in harmony, the gut is digesting properly, the mind is clear, the nervous system is regulated, energy levels are healthy, the immune system is strengthened, the moods are stabilized and the body is adaptable to stress and able to protect itself from the stressors of the environment (both mental and physical) that cause dis-ease!

It’s time to wake up to the fact that what you put in your body and how your body digests it is what determines your physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health!

These simple changes can make the world of difference! Start working with them little by little! I promise you will soon begin to feel the effects on the mind and body!

So, part 1 of "mindful eating" is improper food combinations!

Fruit: The most important food combining rule of all. Fruit is to be eaten alone! 30m before or 2hr after a meal.

Legumes: 🚫Fruit, cheese, eggs, fish, milk, meat & yogurt

✅Veggies, grains, other beans

Eggs: 🚫Fruit (esp melons and bananas), beans, cheese, fish, milk, meat, yogurt, potatoes ✅Grains & non-starchy veggies

Honey: 🚫never cook, heat, boil or bake. It becomes a toxin. So wait til your tea cools a bit to sweeten it with honey!

Grains: 🚫Fruit or tapioca

✅ Everything else

Lemons 🍋: 🚫 cucumbers 🥒 , tomatoes 🍅 , milk 🥛, yogurt

✅ with other foods in a small amount like a garnishment

Milk: 🚫 BANANAS 🍌, cherries 🍒, melons 🍈, sour fruits and fruit juices, bread w/yeast, fish, meat, yogurt

✅ oatmeal, dates, almonds, rice pudding

Nightshades (peppers, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes): 🚫Fruit, cucumbers, dairy

✅ veggies, grains, beans, meat, fish, seeds, nuts 🥜

Proteins (meat, dairy, tofu): 🚫 Starches, high carbs, high-fat foods, other proteins (pick one at a time)

✅ non-starchy veggies

Veggies: 🚫Fruit, mixing raw and cooked

✅ Starches and proteins

Cheese & Yogurt: 🚫Fruit, eggs 🍳

✅ Grains & veggies

PRINT THIS OUT! And tape it on the refrigerator! That's what I did! And these changes are not hard to make, just a little re-arranging needed mainly. So hey, it's ok if you can't give up meat, or can't give up dairy right now, start here! Here, is perfect!

If you want some 1 on 1 individualized guidance on eating for your mind/body type check out our 4-week Fall Cleanse and Rejuvenation program!

Benefits of performing a guided Fall Ayurvedic cleanse:

  • Release unnecessary weight and tension in the body and mind

  • Slow down to prepare for the Winter season

  • Bolster the immune system to prepare for cold/flu season

  • Build vitality

  • Improve energy

  • Improve sleep

  • Establish a sustainable self-care routine

  • Soothe the nervous system (via yoga, herbs, and meditation)

  • Learn how to manage mental health in the Fall/Winter season (including seasonal depression)

  • Learn how to safely and naturally manage physical dis-ease or ailments that are currently presenting

  • Transition slowly into a lifestyle and eating habits that support your health & wellness goals

Click here to learn more and schedule your free consult (required to enroll). Enroll by 10/21 and receive $300 off! This program will be open for enrollment until 11/30

See ya'll on the other side!


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