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How Toxins Accumulate: Mind & Body (quick read)

I like to get straight to the point as often as possible...

Ayurveda has a really easy to understand way of breaking down and making sense of how the body and mind come into a state of disease or as I like to intend when I say it "dis-ease". "Dis-ease" has a much less negative connotation attached to it than "disease". Also, I feel it more closely relays what exactly is happening...the body is experiencing dis-ease. Ok moving on...

Unmetabolized waste from improper digestion of food remains in the body and...accumulates (this waste).

This accumulation creates stagnation in the flow of blood and of prana (life force...think...the breath) which sit as undigested substances and wastes that eventually decay into a toxin.Those toxins then want to spread, causing blockages in nearby organs of the body, and if left unadressed long enough eventually spread to the mind, causing blockages in the channels of the mind.

Example: Weight gain is an accumulation of undigested food and unmetabolized waste that results in retention and build up of fat and fluids (an accumulation). Over time this accumulation will make it difficulty for the blood to flow (leading to cardiovscular complications), an accumulation of fluids from the body's inability to release waste will create difficulty breathing (respiratory complications) followed by difficulty with movements due to inflammation and joint pain (since now the toxic accumulation has spread deeper into the bones). Joint and bone pain will make movements invovled in activities of daily living and exercise difficult, possibly even unbearable. This then evolves into depression which if not recognized and addressed will repeat the cycle since the depressed mind will favor choices and decisions that continue to feed the cycle.

So as you can see, after a while as the accumulation and blockage cycle continues, it eventually will spread to other locations in the body and then eventually to the mind, altering the structure of bodily tissues and organs and re-wiring the brain.

How Toxins Manifest

  • Mind: Confusion, poor memory, difficulty focusing/concentration, fog, lethargy, attachment, fear, depression, restlessness, anger

  • Body: Bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, fatigue, low energy, body stiffness, nervous system disorders, join pain, inflammation, weight gain, tumors

Living in today's world, we are all experiencing an accumulation of toxins in the mind and body! For me, Ayurveda & Yoga help me manage and maintain my health, both mentally and physically! It reminds me to take care of myself, to listen to myself and take my needs seriously because it has helped me understand myself and Nature as a whole and the connection between the two!

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please share in the comments!

❦ Shi


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