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Spring Ritual: Entering the Season of Rebirth and Growth


As Winter is ending, frost melting in some places, the sun is extending it's time, providing increased heat to assist in this melting that's happening, from beneath the ground to within the body! You see, the flow and rhythm of Nature is our attention and follow, keep reading to see what I mean...

In Winter season, we accumulate! We eat heavier, denser, "comfort" foods), which is completely natural. We gain a little weight (unless you are intentionally keeping it off, or don't easily gain weight), we slow down, we sleep longer, energy in general is lower...not just in your body, but also in the atmosphere. It's...heavier...denser.

Same with the animals, they get plumper, they hibernate, they store food, so not much energy placed into gathering and hunting during the Winter, also hence the extra weight. Nature...

So it is natural to accumulate excess during the Winter season! As the weather warms up, frost begins to melt away, the winter accumulations in the body and mind also begin to melt away. The same increase in moisture you see in Nature as Spring arrives as a result of the melting and the extra raining (Earth ridding itself of this extra moisture from the melting), is the same moisture that is also building in the body as Spring arrives, due to the melting of accumulations. Earth is naturally cleansing itself, as do you...however that cleansing is halted if you aren't mindful about shifting your eating and lifestyle patterns. That cleansing doesn't happen, when you get in the way.

For this reason, to remain in flow with Nature and to prevent continuation of accumulations during a time when we are suppose to be releasing, we should be conscious of what we put into the body, including our thoughts, so that we can remain aligned with this natural cleansing. When we aren't, or when we don't, the body eventually becomes ill or at dis-ease, manifesting in different ways for different people for example:

  • unstable moods

  • stiffness, aches and pain in the body

  • mental fatigue or fog

  • anxiety and depression

If you already have underlining conditions or chronic conditions, the manifestations of imbalance may be more than what is mentioned above. Here at Bloolotus, we focus on PREVENTION (of relapse, or worsening) & MANAGEMENT (of what is already present). For some management looks like removal of the cause, for others it looks like all depends on how far along you are in the dis-ease progression AND the strength of your mind. Removal of the cause is the cure-all for all things. And I don't care what they say about what I just said! It's that simple. But removal of the cause ain't always that simple, so there's that! We like to be practical!

Spring equinox is a special and auspicious time for many! And for many different reasons, mostly spiritual and religious. It goes the same in Yoga & Ayurveda!

That's because Spring is a crucial time for keeping the body and mind aligned with Nature's rhythm to prevent illness, disease and complications both mentally and physically.

The body is a vessel, in many religious beliefs, in spirituality and in yoga. The body is the gross manifestation of your spiritual (or energetic) makeup, and within the body, and its physical organs, and channels, exists a deeper layer of subtle energetic channels that directly connect to the spiritual plane..therefore...spiritual and religious practices require clear and clean channels within the body (which equals clear and clean channels in the energetic body) to maintain or gain access to these higher planes. In this way, you can go about your human experience with balance between the bodies, or more easily put, the mind-body-spirit system. So many who practice spiritual ritual and religious ritual priotorize this kind of upkeep of the physical body and it's health because of their understanding of the connection between the physical body and the spiritual body.

In Yoga, the physical body is maintained in good health and comfort by following Ayurvedic practices and lifestyle. The body is a vehicle in which we use to experience the physical plane! Yoga & Ayurveda help you strive to making it a comfortable, enjoyable and pleasurable experience...but it's your choice!

As Winter, heaviness and dullness melts away, we want to reduce the elements of Earth & Water in the body by introducing to it light, warm and dry elements through our daily routines, food choices, breath practices, movement and yogic cleansing practices...such as the Spring Cleanse & Detox ↓!

The 28 Day Spring Renewal program (only offered in the Spring) is designed for beginners, guiding and coaching you gently into these practices which invite heat and circulation to the body. That heat and circulation has a purpose of gently and naturally cleansing and energizing the body and mind. The practices are designed to rid the body of excess fat, mucus and toxins that have accumulated during Winter. We do this by:

  1. Stimulating the lymphatic system (the mainline for detoxification), and by

  2. Identifying and minimizing or eliminating food and lifestyle sensitivities (remember earlier we talked about removing roots) that my be causing:

  • unstable moods

  • stiffness, aching, and pain in the body

  • mental fatigue or fog

  • onset of anxiety or depression

The 28 Day Spring Renwal is great for those needing help adopting or transitioning into a healthier lifestyle for mental and physical health & wellness. The rawest form of self care!

You will:
  • Discover natural remedies to some of your long standing mental and physical health issues

  • Have assistance and guidance with identifying and holistically addressing root causes of unhealthy mental processes, behaviors and habits

  • Learn & discover specifics about your mind-body nature: how imbalances manifest for YOU, how to manage them, how to prevent them, how to determine what you need, how much and when without help- STRENGTHENING YOUR INTUITION!

For this, you shall be guided, for an increased possibility of success upon completion of the program! Check out details of what's included in your 28 Day Spring Renewal OR

Reach out to schedule a free consultation/chat and begin your journey!

We only offer this in the Spring and of course space is limited! This gives me the ability to truly focus on each of you as the program is curated and tailored to you!!

For more knowledge on the topic check out blog post "How Toxins Accumulate: Poor Lifestyle Practices"....

I'll See You On The Other Side



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